Employment Services

Our Work Environment

Quantum is committed to creating and sustaining a work environment where all employees of our diverse workforce can perform at their best. We want employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Since our inception, Quantum has believed the best way to succeed in our business is to value people. Treating employees with care, respect, dignity, and fairness are founding principles of The Quantum Group. As part of Quantum, employees create vital relationships with each other, our providers, our vendors, our patients and shareholders. Our staff consists of very special people united by a shared purpose and common values.

Diversity at Quantum

We believe diversity is more than differences in gender, race, culture, religion and sexual orientation. It is fostering a variety of backgrounds, skills, ages and abilities in an environment that supports and nurtures these differences. We understand that diverse backgrounds, experiences, and talents of our employees enrich our performance, enhance our products, and improve our service. Quantum has a diverse population of employees who come from all over the world. What brings us together is our common goal of service excellence. The goal of Quantum is to develop a team of happy, loyal and productive employees who are eager to help us produce superior service for our customers at a reasonable cost. Through these efforts Quantum will generate sufficient profits to permit continued growth for the Company and create continued opportunities for employment and advancement for all employees.

Quantum is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

The Quantum Group believes in the principle of respect for the dignity of each individual. We are committed to matching the talent and experience of each particular candidate with each specific job opening, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin or disability; and to giving full consideration to qualified disabled individuals and veterans. This right to Equal Employment Opportunity in Quantum, and all of its subsidiaries, encompasses all phases of employment including recruitment, hiring, placement, training, promotion, compensation, development, and separation. It is our policy at Quantum to promote efforts to assure that no discrimination exists in our employment practices and that an atmosphere free from harassment is maintained. The Quantum Group firmly supports the concept of Equal Employment Opportunity because we believe such policies benefit our business, our employees and our entire community. We are here to make an impact in the healthcare industry and to make a difference in the communities in which we serve. We are a serious company with promises to keep. That does not mean we don't enjoy being at the workplace and having fun along the way! In fact we state in writing.